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BeezU Organics – Organic and natural skin care products

Founded in 2021, BeezU was built on providing people with autonomy over what goes on their skin without compromising on functionality, quality and sustainability. Ingredients are organic and natural with meticulous product planning to produce our range of natural and organic skincare.

Welcome and thank you so much for visiting my organic skin care range. BeezU has an unwavering thirst for making handcrafted skin care products without all those nasty chemicals we put on our skin everyday. BeezU skincare was created out of a deep desire to gain control over what I was putting on my skin. Frustrated by the cost of buying high quality natural and organic skincare products I decided to take the power back for myself and share my learnings and subsequent creations with my family, friends and you. Welcome and Enjoy.

Welcome to


Welcome to BeezU an all natural and handcrafted skin care range. Are you ready to holistically transform your skin? Our range of 100% natural skincare products are proudly toxin-free and organic. Our products are formulated with an abundance of potent therapeutic and pure ingredients derived from nature and activated by the great power of flora to enrich and enhance your skin. Holistic, botanically powered and efficacious skin care so piue you could eat them. All products are created and handcrafted in small quantities to ensure quality and consistency.

About Us

More on BeezU

Our mission is to enable limitless self-expression by turning skincare into art for everyone. We’re here to help bring out the beauty in your skin. We were dreaming of a line of natural skincare that wasn’t so completely and utterly boring. We’re passionate about creating authentic organic and natural skin care with products that are unique and hand crafted. Since the beginning BeezU have been offering our customers the purest selection of skin care products at unbeatable prices. Our goal is to provide products you can trust and are carefully handcrafted. All products are handcrafted creations, made and manufactured by us. There is a wide variety of products so you can find what works best for you and the skin you’re in.

Beeswax is a natural wax produced by honey bees, who secrete it from wax-producing glands. Freshly produced beeswax Is colourless, but over time worker bees introduce pollen into it, giving it that familiar yellow to brown colour we all recognise. When beekeepers harvest honey they also remove honeycombs, made of beeswax. The wax is then clarified in hot water to remove any large impurities. In natural skincare products, beeswax functions as an amazing occlusive – it creates a barrier on the skin and thus prevent water from evaporating keeping skin naturally hydrated and moisturised.

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We care about our customers and we want you to be completely happy with your experience. If you have questions about us, our products, or our service please get in touch. Send us a message. We are excited to hear from you on your journey to healthy skin.

Many skincare products on the market contain synthetic chemical and irritants that can further irritate many skin conditions. BeezU creates natural and organic skincare with pure ingredients, pure packaging and pure performance. Handcrafted skincare products that are natural and made to order to ensure purity and longevity of ingredients. Naturopathically formulated with all natural ingredients and free from irritants like perfume and alcohol. BeezU delivers pure and honest ingredients which are nourishing for your skin and magic for your soul.

The ingredients we use are skin superfoods to boost healthier skin and natural protection offering UV protection, anti-aging properties, soothes discomfort, hydrates and itching and high in antioxidants. Our products can be used from head to toe and are perfect for all skin types.


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